Ride to Give

ridetogiveAbout Ride to Give:

The Ride to Give is a charitable non-profit organization based in Nyack NY, just outside of NYC. It was founded by Kaete Nazaroff and her husband, nine-time Ironman Dave Nazaroff.

In the summer of 2013 Dave, followed by a support van with a team of 3, completed the first annual Ride from Nyack to Jefferson, GA (over 900 miles by bicycle) in 5 days to raise awareness and donations for the family of Tripp Halstead, a toddler who suffered a traumatic brain injury in fall of 2012. The Ride raised $180,000 for the Halstead family, plus an additional $17,000 for Sunshine on a Ranney Day, a 501C(3) charity that renovates rooms and homes for children with illnesses and special needs.

The Ride to Give intends to complete the Ride annually, benefitting different children in need each year, and continues to post and raise awareness and funds for other causes dear to their hearts.

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